Saturday, March 24, 2012


For his 18 month dentist check-up, we went to Kool Smiles. They are kid friendly and had this amazing video game on the wall to keep the boys occupied while we waited. 
This was Jo's first check-up, and let me tell you what a waste of time it was.
Paperwork: 20 minutes for both boys
Dentist time: 5 minutes for both boys
Worth it? NO WAY. 
All they did was brush their teeth, look around and tell me "no cavities"
Thanks, but no thanks dentist, I think I know how to brush & floss my kids' teeth. 

We went to the library afterwards to play with puzzles and Jump Start. Jonah still has trouble with puzzles.
SO, Gary and I have been discussing whether or not to chop off Jo's hair. 
Well, here's the end result:
First haircut. EVER.
I like it better this way. He looks like a toddler. No longer a baby.
Good. I'm tired of babies. I like a man who can help himself. 
His hair was so long you could pull it back. It was time to cut it off. 
I love his new look. He looks like a punk. 
One who would punch you in the face when your guard's down---Oh wait, he already does that.  
 We  busted out some glitter pens, buttons and paint brushes the other day. Jonah really hasn't held a paintbrush or know what glitter is. All he knew was that it was fun and that his fingers sparkled afterwards.
 Jonah is so good at it he even painted over Andrew's artwork....
At brother's weeball game, all smiles and cool 'hawk.
 (Andrew's pictures coming soon!)
The chubster and Jonah.