Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reindeer cookies!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!! I am still not tired of listening to Christmas music--are you?! 
For one to get more festive, one has to make Christmas cookies, right?
 So Andrew and I made our own reindeer cookies last night and they were so yummy!
He 'helped' me eat cookie dough. He also helped roll the dough into balls and placing them on the cookie sheets. He's really not a bad helper at all, just a little ADD oriented. He's actually a super good helper...he obeys extremely well in anything that he gets asked to do. But when he doesn't want to do as he is told, for example, put on socks {for some reason the kid dislikes socks-a lot} just mentioning the 'Santa-will-not-be-bringing-you-toys-because-you've-been-a-bad-boy' bribe works really REALLY good in reminding him to be a good boy. I don't know how it'll work out after the holidays.
 Anyway, back to cookies!!
Andrew didn't care for the chocolate pretzels and Jonah didn't care for the pretzel--just the chocolate ;)
Got the idea from Pinterest, and the recipe can be found here
I kinda dig the eye-less thing...
The cookies were gone today though. The boys asked for cookies for breakfast and lunch. I also donated the rest to the coaches at Gary's school. 
These were cookies Andrew decided to decorate after we ran out of "antlers"...
....what is it with the inappropriate posts this week?! *snickers*