Wednesday, July 20, 2011

summer days

Remember Andrew's bed?
It fits perfectly in his room/Mom Studio and he loves his little wobbly bed.

But he has recently acquired a new bed. 
Thanks to Moomie.
And it's AWESOME.
Only it's the wrong color. 
And a twin.
And a "half" bunk bed.

Oh dear.

Where on earth are we putting it?

Who knows. 
But Andrew sure did notice when his bed was gone.
 And all he had was this: 
Anyway, when his bed gets painted, I hope it will fit in here...
Their birthday party is coming up this weekend and we've got a huge surprise for the boys, I can't wait to open it myself!
Cheese moment!
In other news, it's been record high heats throughout Texas (and other states) that we have no option than to walk around nude...
Yes, those are mine. All mine.
We also walk around in underwear, or chones, and we like to pretend we're Iron Man with construction paper circles and fake sound effects coming out of our mouths.

We also love, love, love going outside. 
But not in the heat and definitely not the sun.

So we busted out some Christmas lights, which the hubs spent endless minutes setting them all up and making our backyard look amazing, and we just chill. In our little blue pool. With naked children. And a couple of cold ones.
He even lit up the playset so Andrew and Jonah could see where they play.
That night was just perfect. How I'm going to miss those nights.
No rude neighbors anymore. Lots of privacy. No dogs. 
It was blissful.
I mean, look at how much fun they're having!!
If only those dang squirrels would keep their little chompers of our lights...
Goodnight :)