Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jonah and Friends

Andrew was a serious baby. 
I seriously thought all babies were like that.
He never really liked to play with toys and hardly laughed out loud. 

Not Jonah.

Jonah is a lively and playful little guy.
He smiles a lot.
He slobbers a lot.
He laughs a lot.
He squeals a lot.
He talks a lot.
I often wish he'd understand the words "Please be quiet"

He loves to grab for things now.
Including my hair.
My face.
My glass of water.
He's a totally different baby than what Andrew was. 

He's a pro at sucking his thumb.
He's beginning to get the hang of sitting up. 
He gets the hang of eating cereal now.
He goes backwards like a champ in his walker.
And maybe by now, he knows what Andrew is.
A menace.
He takes tons of naps.
Andrew has only taken 1 nap during the day for his entire life.
Jonah mostly wakes up a happy baby and smiles when he sees me hover over his crib.
He stares at his mobile for long periods of time.
He has such a concentrated and baffled look upon his face, that it makes me wonder very much what he thinks. 

Sometimes he's the weirdest little creature...
Quietly he pushes twice and a massive poop happens.

That's a different baby than Andrew for sure.

But, here's my pride and joy.
The friendliest, easiest, happiest baby on earth. 

Jonah staring down his pal, Ribbit

Got a hold of that woolly mammoths nose 

These are his walker pals

Here he is with his chewable dog...he loves this guy!

Sitting up for 3 seconds!

His newest toy, a John Deere vibrating teether!
He doesn't get the hang of it, yet :(