Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Abilene Downtown Parade 2010

We went to the Abilene Christmas Parade in Downtown Abilene last week!
It was not as exciting as the one Ft. Worth has, but it wasn't too bad.
They gave our free cocoa, had a high school band playing Christmas music and the floats were pretty.
It was C-O-L-D!!! So we bundled up good :)

Stroller was a must. Jonah was in the sling.

Such hams....

Andrew liked to wave "bye" to the floats.

Family picture.
3/4 of Lynet's face, the back of Jonah's blue bear head, beautiful Gary and in the shadows, Andrew. 
This was the best we could get :)

Andrew had to go tee-tee so we took a potty break.
We ate some cupcakes at a new cupcake place called "Sweet Celebrations" and they were really good!

Andrew got a piece of candy and was too entertained to smile at the camera. 
Gary, however, likes to wave at cameras. 

Christmas Tree out of lights.

And then there was Gingy!!!

We knew Santa was going to be around, so we made sure to stick around. 
I knew, of course, that Andrew would NOT want to go anywhere near Santa so I didn't even force him into it. I did ask him about 200 times if he wanted to go sit with Santa - all to no avail. 

Jonah was snuggled up so good in the sling that he fell asleep half way through the parade.
When I handed Jonah to Santa, he didn't even stir. 
Santa said he liked sleeping babies.

So now there I have a picture of Santa and Andrew when he was 5 months, and also Santa and Jonah at almost 5 months. 

We still haven't really decided about doing Santa with Andrew. He knows how to point him out and he knows what he should look like. I don't think he knows WHAT Santa's purpose is...
I think we will end up doing Santa with the boys since every time I see one, I loudly yell "Look Andrew! It's SANTA!" and he has no option but to look...
I mean, what can I say? I love this Holiday!