Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at the Witty's

When we got to Nana's, Jonah was an instant cuddle-bug with his Nana.

"Despicable Me" came out the week before Christmas and they gave you an inflatable minion. 
Too cute.
dibby padabbba boo duooo banana? 
that's minion gibberish, in case you're wondering....

The boys got to unwrap SO  many gifts!
The presents included: socks, pajamas, underwear (thanks Nana & Papa!), fruit puffs, a camo snuggie, and TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!

Jonah had fun with his wrapping paper....

Andrew got a HUGE sketch doodle pad (is that what those things are called?!?)

Andrew was somewhat interested in Jonah's toys too!

Chance loves his cousins. He lets them sit on him and laugh with him. 
He's a good cousin!

Jonah opening up his handmade stocking, LOOKEY HERE! 
Apple Cinnamon PUFFS!

Now it's Andrew's turn!

A squishy football! 

What's this? 
A Lightyear Ray Gun?
It's Bryce's??!?!?!?! I DON'T THINK SO!

Papa was handing out the stockings with help from the Bates' boys

Chance digging through his. He wasn't too excited since the other boys had already opened theirs, and Suprise! It's the same things the other boys already got, except in different color! Poo...

Guess what Santa brought Gary!?
He was a bad boy...

Bryce was helping Nana out with her stocking...   :0)