Friday, December 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Week 2015

before i finish the year in an amazing failing manner on this blog, i wanted to post a few things! 
time may seem fleeting these days, but i never want to forget the experiences i have with family--on both sides. 
so i'm posting the pictures that we took during our thanksgiving-break in central texas.

our first stop is at Papa & Nana's where they have all sorts of fun outside as well as inside. this year the boys asked to go 'hunting' with their daddy and at this point in their lives, i don't think either one of them really felt like huntin' was for them. they both were pretty useless hunters: one napped the whole time & the other turned out to be pacifist warning us that he wouldn't let us know if he saw a deer.
but tricycles and wood gathering? yep. all the way. 
nana got them each a knit hat at a handmade market in town. they were in love with the pompoms!
our last day there, we went out into the pasture. the sun was shining, it wasn't hot. it wasn't cold. it was just right.
we walked. we explored. we took pictures. it was pretty much awesome. just us 5.
gary takes advantage of any chance to shoot his gun. i don't blame him, pulling the trigger feels satisfying. and much more so when you hit your target.
he hit his target, too! it's been a while since he was able to claim a prize so I was uber proud of him!
look at us. all country. 
after a few days, we headed back to north houston and my sister + nephew joined us--- we had been missing them!
the first event of our thanksgiving day was to attend the HEB Houston parade downtown. we got there late (no surprise), we lost our party, and we couldn't see a single thing.
but the kids could! they rode our shoulders til we couldn't stand up straight any longer.
we could only see the big inflatables. nothing else was visible. it was so crowded.
but we did manage to take this awesome family shot! i love it!
and then it was time to feast! while the women got food ready, the men played games & kept busy (duh, what else are they supposed to do?) look at those delicious rolls! 
we finally said our blessing & got down to the grub.
we missed a few family members though. but i was so soooo grateful to have my crew here. it was my first time hosting thanksgiving, it was definitely a good thanksgiving to remember!
afterwards, we all crashed into our comas and ate second helpings. 
the kids stayed busy with all the crafts Moomie brough them. we painted ornaments, colored, and cut anything Christmas. 
check out the most adorable felt tree she made for the kids! i love it and will be sad to take it down in january....
...and the rest of that weekend? my sisters came to help me with a market for ShopWitty. we did fairly well for being our first 3-day market. but we. were. exhausted!
new experience. new contacts. new memories! how was your thanksgiving? 

have a blessed holiday you guys! my prayer is that christ may be the center of you & your home this season! 

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