Monday, December 28, 2015

being thankful for the farm

ahhhh! nothing beats a day with perfect weather + sunshine. texas has been having those a lot lately. although i'm sitting here with howling winds, freezing rains & news of fatalities from tornadoes in north texas. looking back at these pictures though, is pure bliss.
the farm is the best place to grow up. to run free & get poo on boots and shoes.
to touch those slimy tongues of that fat cow & her baby calf. to collect those warm eggs and chase those noisy chickens too. it's the perfect place to adopt two mutts that will grow into gigantors, like my family just did. they're the cutest terrors, i tell ya.
the farm, is the perfect place to saddle your horses and ride them every afternoon. it is to appreciate every sunrise & sunset and have a very thankful heart.
the farm is not easy, not one bit.
but it is rewarding.
i hope you enjoy what i've captured.

have a very blessed happy new year! 
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