Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas

I have been away from my computer for too long! I miss it, but only because I start to panic about my memory on my phone and my camera card and trying to be organized with my photos. I took so many I'm afraid January will be over and I'll still be posting December pictures--haha! 
Our stockings keep growing! We added a new one for my nephew Leo and one for the baby in February...
The tree was decorated with cookie cutters which the boys loved to see what shapes they were. It was cute. 
When Christmas was coming to a close, my oldest came up to me and expressed his sadness over Christmas being over. 
I get ya, bud. I really do. 
ANNNNND I got to spend time with my Leo! I wasn't sick this time around so I got to kiss the crap out of his fat cheeks and wipe spit more times than I care to remember. How I love that little boy so much, I won't even try to explain. 
Just wanted to share these heartfelt photos of my family the days after Christmas. Our family time would be nothing without a dining table, a deck of cards and people all settled to compete.
The feeling of having a great Christmas, the kids being content, completely ignoring how many calories we have consumed in the last two days---ahh! It's a great feeling, you guys. I am so blessed. 

But seriously, I cant wait to dig into my photos on my big screen! 
Hope your Christmas time has been well spent surrounded by family and sugary goodies!