Thursday, February 2, 2012

What have we been up to?

Peek-a-boo! Andrew's been hiding from you!
Hello! I should really split this post into two parts but I won't. 
This whole post is about my kiddos. You don't like it, go click elsewhere.
I've been thinking, I feel sorry for all the close relatives that miss out on this picture goodness. 
Those people that don't care about checking up on one's blog but really should, since they're supposed to be family...I mean after all, it's why I blog.
We might not live close but through my pictures, you can watch these boys grow right before your eyes. And when you fail to have any contact with me, you fail to have contact with these goobers.
I'm posting all these pictures because they remind me of the little things we enjoy together, the important things.
As a photographer, I tend to get caught up with settings.
As a mom, I tend to get caught up on milestones.
And as a blogger, I get caught up on what's my next post.
Well, right now, I'm stopping to smell the roses.
If I didn't appreciate every little booger they pick, every scrapped knee they make me kiss, every shriek of joy they make, and every laugh they give me, I don't know what kind of mother I'd be.
So prep yourself, enjoy, Right-click & save, it's all good....
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That's all folks!!!