Tuesday, February 28, 2012

around here....

 We finally purchased a new a dryer, but I still feel the need to dry my clothes outside a-la-mexicana on a line. I'm not ashamed. I'm saving $ and the environment at the same time. 
Problem is, it just takes twice as long but it's good for going outside with the boys :)
We have incorporated a 'chore-list' for Andrew, which we check off every night.
He's been learning his numbers so we count the check-marks and explain to him he needs to complete most of them to get his reward.
We have 6 chores: put your sippy cup in sink, put shoes up, take a nap, brush your teeth, eat your supper, and put your monkey towel up after bath. 
We made a piggy bank out of a mason jar for him to put his quarters in
He loves listening to them 'clink'

Have you guys grown onions from onions in a jar before? I did....
...and it is finally warm outside to put out my poor, beautiful plants.
My Calla Lilies were hard not to photograph one afternoon...
And the little daffodils that grow near our driveway tells me springtime is near...
And the red berries that the kids like so much are abundant in our area, the kids love picking them off.
LOOK! Jonah has a mustache!!!
The husband let the boys have their art kit and then left them alone "to draw." Then I wondered what that noise was on our pantry door. A beautiful work of art from none other than our Jonah Rett.
However, we gave Jonah a rag and made him wipe his mess off.
Then Andrew came in when he heard the big fuss, and this is what we found...ON HIM.
Take 8 markers, take their tops off, and draw all over yourself like
I guess it's my fault since I exposed him to it.