Thursday, July 29, 2010

Updated pics

So Jonah is using his hand-me-down, garage sale find swing that his brother Andrew NEVER liked...
and guess who wants to swing in it now???

Jonas tiene un columpio de un garage sale que Andres nunca le gusto...
y adivina a quien le gusta ahora?

...Andrew does
...pues a Andres!

My baby likes to sleep...and think while sleeping, apparently
a mi nene le gusta pensar mientras que duerme

Papa and Nana came to visit to help us fix some things around this place
and guess what?! someone actually likes his Nana!!!
Papa y Nana nos visitaron y a alguien porfin le cayo bien a su Nana - felicidades!

Love this face!
me encanta esa cara---se parece a su Abueluis

Why is he always avoiding Jonah!?
Ohhh, cause he stole his Mommy!!!
Porque siempre ignora a Jonas?
Ahh si, porque le robo a su mama! jaja!

TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agarrate esos guantes....a'monos!!!

almost everytime he kicks someone, he says "heeeyaaa"
siempre que da sus patadillas, dice "iiiyaaaa"

oh and Daddy gets in a punch!
y Gary le da golpe!

One main thing I've learned in being a mother is that ANYTHING you do, they will do it too. 

So one day I stuck an apple sticker to his forehead

and as I do, so did he...

Una cosa que he aprendido de ser mama, es que TODO lo que yo hago, ellos lo haran tambien.

Asi es que un dia, le pegue una estampilla de la manzana a la frentona

y como yo hice, el tambien lo hizo...

Love that boy!
Ah como lo quero mucho a este niƱo!