Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adjusting to Jonah

I love my baby Jonah

he loves me too...

Some sibling neglect below:
negligencia fraternal abajo:

both facing away from each other
se voltean y se ignoran

they must not like each other too much...
quizas no se caen bien

he seems long...
parece que es largo...

daddy and Jonah

he makes the funniest faces!
hace unas caras chistosillas!

friends, Erika with daughter Marissa, came to visit!

weekend with Moomie and tio James

perfect peach-fuzz head
Cabeza de cocoliso perfecta!!!

Quick Comparison
una comparación rápidin

What do you think???
Que piensas??

Jonah had his arm wrapped up in an ace bandage for almost 3 whole weeks. 
Today we went to the orthopedist, waited an 1 hour to see him, and finally saw that his bone is healing through x-rays. 
Yesterday you could CLEARLY tell that he was ready for that thing to come off, because he would not keep his arm still inside the bandage...and today as well.
Got it taken off and now he's as free as a bird moving his little "wing"

Jonas tenia su benda por casi tres semanas enteras.
Hoy fuimos al ortopedista, esperamos una hora para verlo, y porfin vimos que en las radiografias se ve el nuevo hueso creciendo bien y fuerte.
Ayer tambien nos dimos cuenta que Jonas ya no queria la benda porque su brazo no se quedaba quieto y andaba sacandolo y moviendolo.
Hoy le quitaron la benda y tiene su brazito LIBRE!!!

this was how we would wash him off with his bandage...
asi es como lo "bañabamos" con la benda

and today....Jonah LOVED his
y hoy, le encanto su baño de a deveras!!!



My little neglected stink-pot who's not adjusting well...
Mi pobre, descuidado escuincle, hijo de su....

I sure do love this turd-nugget...he cracks me up!
Como me hace reir!

Someone's about to turn 2!!!
Alguien va a cumplir ya los 2!!!

Gary's Aunt Betty sent us a package last week.
It was a box with a blanket for Jonah and a toy car for Andrew. 
Un carrito para Andres de la tia-abuela de Gary

It was Andrew's favorite toy for 5 minutes...
su juguete favorito por 5 minutos

Andrew loves to eat his Moomie's home-grown corn
Le gusta el elote

and LOVES to blow out the flame and say "OWW" when he touches it.
Le encanta decir "AUU" cuando toca la llama

he's a hoot!
que lindo chiripin!