Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mischievous behavior and Snow!!!

So I thought about all the pictures that I've been taking but not uploading and I figured I better get to it...

Well, since Andrew has been growing, he's become more mischievous...for instance, climbing up on his table! (But it can only be blamed on his parents first for letting him, second because his mischievous genes are hereditary)

More of his mischievous behavior in my kitchen. He loves to open those cabinet doors and pull out things that most intrigue him. Apparently he found something in the back that caught his fancy and decided to crawl in...
I know this looks bad, but every time I get on the stove, he whines and whines until I pull up a chair so that he can see what's going on and then proceeds to take the spoon away from me. He knows it's hot and tries to blow the steam away. Here we were making Chicken & Dumplin' soup for lunch for Gary.
There's a park nearby our house, several "cuadras" (blocks) away, so we decided to walk to it and spend some time outdoors. The day was perfect and there was nobody at the park which is always nice. Sometimes there's rowdy kids and Andrew just pays attention to what they're doing...never takes his eyes off them.
I love how Andrew now likes to wear his shades, I always say "how cool do you look?" and make a big deal about how good he looks...he's hilarious because he pushes his shades back if they're falling off his face and it seems like he thinks he's it!!! He's a pro at lookin' good.
There's these plastic rocks to get up into the 'jungle gym' but this isn't the first time he's climbed them.
He is so good at picking up his leg and climbing it amazes me how kids instinctively know how they're supposed to do that to get to the top.
He had a little trouble climbing this time around, so Gary pushed his hiney up. It cracks me up!
I think I posted this on facebook, but this is such a good shot of his funny faces when he whines.
...and of course, when he can't get his way this is what he does: he cries until something else distracts him, and completely goes back to normal. Gary's side of the family claims he's a 'faker' but real crocodile tears come out if only for a few seconds - haha!

This is another funny face, but this time he's grinning and laughing...he's mouth is full of teeth now (which I think they are too big for him and I know his huge head with grow into them) and he just clinches his jaw and props back his his mother, I think I have a right to think that my kid is the cutest being on earth!

He just learned this trick a couple of days ago, Moomie bought this for him before he was born and lately, he's been using the heck out of it. So now he's learned a few tricks on it...
He's a stunt man.

The 2nd of Dec was officially the first snow here in Abilene. We got up at 7am with Gary to look at the snow but no way we were going to get out in we went back to bed and by the time we got up (9:30am) the snow was already half melted!!! Crap!
But that didn't stop me from bundling Andrew up real nice and warm and getting the camera out for his first snow pictures.
He initially didn't know what to think of going outside. It was so cold, 30 something degrees, and there was water dripping from the roof. The entire ground was wet too.
He's always pointing his little finger and going "OHH" but he never took a step...I think he was assessing the situation - Ha ha!
He didn't know what the heck the gloves were for...he kept opening and closing his fists trying to figure out what they were I guess.

I threw a snowball at him, but he just looked at me like I was an idiot...
...and just watched it fall to the ground.
I took off one of his gloves since he wasn't touching the snow with his gloves, the snow kept sticking to the glove and he kept flicking it off...I love his face in this shot.
"Heck NO Mom!"

I made him pose in our neighbor's back yard since it was the only snow on the ground. Ha!
Again, he didn't move at all...

Maybe next time it snows more and we get up earlier, we'll have more fun. :) Maybe.