Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Two Towns, a Snow Storm & an Engagement

So we split Christmas in two this year...kinda like every year, but this year was extra special.
Here are some pictures for you guys to enjoy.

This is in Nana's and Papa's bathroom.
Andrew found some hiding spots and his cousin Chance was playing hide and seek too.

Gary and Jimmy grew weary of sitting in front of the TV so they decided to spend the afternoon outdoor chopping some wood. That's Jimmy's wood splitter. Of course, everyone else wanted to see what they were up to, got their coats and shoes on, and heading outside.

I like to sit and watch like Nana does. =)

Andrew was taking a ride in their old school John Deere tricycle and wagon. Chance and Bryce were collecting bark from the wood that was split to build a bonfire.

The boy's Papa built them some stools with his chainsaw...pretty talented!

And then Damien tried to show off...with the old school method.

This wasn't at Christmas time, but I thought this was neat.
One morning when Nana had all 3 boys, she made them pancakes with their initials.
Andrew, Bryce, and Chance. =)

Ok, so come Christmas Eve, we wake up and it's snowing!!! In this area of Texas, ever since I've lived here, I've never had a white Christmas. So I was super excited, but it seemed that I was the only one since no one was awake at like 9 in the morning. At Moomie's house, the kids get up WAY TOO early and want to get right down to business of opening presents but I liked the Witty Christmas since we kinda savored the morning a little more.

So the boys discover there's stuff under the tree and begin tearin' it up! Damien and Joanna gave this awesome Longhorn t-shirt to Andrew. Gotta sport that hideous orange with a cow for a mascot even though we're from Ag-town!

Old School Fisher Price farm from Nana...

and an I Spy book too.

Opening more presents!

Awesome picture by the fireplace with the boys and their hand-made stockings!

So after the Christmas party at Nana & Papa's, we venture into the snow to get to my parents house. We are supposed to be having a "mexican" Christmas this year with gifts being opened at midnight. But weather conditions get in our way.

So much for a White Christmas and A Christmas to Remember!
Carl gets stuck in our lane and Billy has to park across the highway in the neighbors one can get into and out of the lane for 3 days. Caren shows up on Christmas day around 1:30 or 2pm and we FINALLY get to have Christmas! Thank goodness she made it okay!

I love this fake happy smile on Gary's face.
It's tradition at Moomie's to have your picture taken when emptying your stocking full of goodies.

This year we all got Lollipop soaps in our stockings, Andrew wanted to eat them SO bad!!!

Uncle Carl gave this awesome dragon to Andrew. He says he wanted a dragon because Gary plays Castle Age on facebook...Andrew loved it regardless!

Opening or sitting on presents, either one is fun!

It's about time I updated my make-up cabinet---thanks Cari!

And Gary's been wanting the Indiana Jones trilogy+1 for forever! So he's happy.

Clean, big room before presents and some pretty ladies...

Messy room after Christmas and happy baby...

So my cousin Natalie, (far left) got engaged on Christmas Day. It was so nice to have everyone there and actually get to see the excitement on her face.
Andrew is sharing paletas (lollipops) with his tia Caren.

We had big news to deliver this holiday, some family members knew about our new little peanut inside my uterus, but many were happy to know that we would be expecting a new baby in July 2010. We had our first prenatal visit with my aunt/midwife on the Mon after Christmas.

Overall, this was the best Christmas I've ever had, in my opinion. I liked waiting on Caren and the Bates' boys to have Christmas. I think Christmas day always goes by on a whim mainly because the highlight is getting to open presents first thing in the morning.
I also think that having a kid and having them receive the gifts is much more rewarding than ever receiving anything for yourself. I still enjoy receiving things, don't get me wrong. :)
But aside from gifts, the events that happened made this Christmas much more enjoyable.
This was absolutely a Christmas to remember.