Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Silliness runs in our family...

Bathtime I think is the most fun....for MOMMY! Wah ha ha ha!

I told Gary he looks like the little lizard dinosaur from Jurassic Park

Memorable picture from our back steps.

Watching Muppet Babies!!!!

This is what he does in my kitchen...it's good to be him, because he knows how to make messes but he doesn't know how to clean up after himself.

WAY too much fun with combs and hair!


Hand-cuffed...I mean foot-cuffed, by James Ross

Like I said, way too much fun with hair and combs!!!

Right before bedtime looking gallant.

Cheesecake leftover goodness!

Awesome shot - cute face!

This is what he does with his new potty...