Thursday, October 1, 2009

Andrew's Fall

Here's a video that I took yesterday while we were playing outside.

So, it's funny right? Or am I just a "Mean Mother"? =)
Thanks to Gary's sister and brother-in-law, we now have a playset in our backyard. Granted the other playground wasn't that far away, but this is still more convenient.
The main reason why he went down the "steps" is because the slide on the opposite side is the same color and almost the same shape! He got it backwards this time though...
He already knows how to climb up it and now I think sliding down will take him a little longer to learn because of the 'mishap' from yesterday--he's scarred for life!
He LOVES this thing, and thankfully weather has been very forgiving. I literally have to drag him through the door when it's time to go inside. Gary says "that's my boy!!!"

Mom and Wita and Diap-Up users: here are some screenshots of the funny part in the video so you don't have to suffer through Dial-Up download time.