Friday, September 18, 2009

Ohhhh how a healthy day begins.

So I've been staying at home with Andrew since Gary got a job at the Middle School and I've been finding different ways to keep me entertained.
Baby Play.
Venturing Out and About.
Working on my website.
Looking for a job.
More cleaning.
More cooking.

It's sometimes redundant, but that's why I've branched out to recycling and maybe doing something more healthy. Like actually using my Juice Extractor!

So today, 7 carrots = 1 healthy glass of carrot juice.
This glass of juice, reminded me SO much of Mexico. During our summer vacations when I would help my aunt run the hardware store she owns, around the corner there was always a lady there selling fresh juice. Carrot juice, beet juice, orange juice, celery juice, you name it. They were SO delicious and cheap.

A note about the cooking part, according to the compliments of my husband, I'm beginning to be a very good cook and I owe it all to my mom. I used to say that I never learned to cook because she was always telling us to get out of her kitchen. Well, the 1 year living with her taught me SO many things, not only cooking, that I will never forget. I have made enchiladas from scratch, to a to-die-for american t-bone steak with american sides.
If you think I'm unemployed, you're wrong--I believe thinking of things to cook for your family is a FULL TIME job. This is probably my hardest and toughest job out of the day, and those who know me will believe it.
On to the crafty part of this personal blog...

Well later on during my day, I went to venture into Abilene to see what it had to offer; (mostly to find some used furniture to put into our humble abode and make it feel more homey).
And I went into a store called Palazzo Reale and it reminded me MORE of Mexico. They had hand-painted Talavera sinks! We have one of those in our bathroom in our house in Mexico and I will always want to have one in our own house.

I think they are just the most wonderful mementos of coming from an amazing and artistic culture.

I got this book, called "The Big-A**" Book of Crafts by Mark Montano which is really cool. Here are some of the things I've made from his book. There are other awesome projects in there, but I don't yet have the supplies.

And this shall be my little art space in the Andrew's room.

I already know what my next traditional piece is going to be, I just have to sketch it the way I want it and then put it on canvas.