Thursday, April 9, 2015

flowers on my mind - spring 2015

i know, a picture of a snail---that's not a flower! but one morning, i was up while the sun was deciding to show up his face, and i thought i better grab my camera. the sun was hitting my chain link fence full of viney (it's a word) weeds at just the right time and i felt the need to capture it. 
well what do i see through my lens, but my texas orange tree covered in snails! these little guys were the slimiest and cutest. 
meanwhile, the mining bees in my backyard have been working so hard pollinating everything! i had a bad experience with bumble bees (they look much alike) so I've been deathly afraid of anything that buzzes. but slowly, i'm growing used to the buzzing sounds around my head. there's so many bugs in my humble backyard. i have prevented gary from mowing my lawn for several weeks because SAVE THE BEES! right?! 
and ugh, i can't wait for these irises to bloom! ---mom, snapchat me them, please!
my hyacinths are so demanding! but look at those petals (heart eyes emoji)...
drives through our neighborhood included the texas mountain laurel, azaleas like none other, and of course, bluebonnets. 
the boys really "love" obliging me when i ask them to stand in front of flowers. we almost got attacked by bumblebees that day! 
Where's baby? She was asleep ;)
and a drive up texas highway 6 will have you paying attention NOT to the roads (that is, if you like texas wildflowers because if you're Gary, you could care less) but to the roadsides where indian paintbrushes are A'BLOOMING like crazy. 
gary sighed as soon as i asked him to pull over so i could take pictures of them. 
this year the colors ranged from fuschia to coral and ohhhhh they were gorgeous!
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as if real floewers weren't enough, i did a fun little photoshoot for my friends shop, Casa de Color. She makes the most amazing flower headbands....truly. 
so much so, i just had to draw it out!
my poor little begonias are so needy too. and i had to raise the pot so that some little fingers wouldn't destroy it. 
and it was time to repot some of my crusty old friends, the succulents...i can't figure out where to place them where they get the sun they need i'm becoming frustrated because they get so stringy and ugly. 
so that's it for my crazy plant post in 2015. i hope you let your eyes feast on the beauty that He has created for us.
slowly but surely, i'm becoming a little crazier each season; learning names of my pretties and how best to take care of them.
ask me about mealybugs. oh boy, are they fun.
until next time, who knows when that'll be!
PS. would you guys forgive me if i tried to catch up on my posts? i mean, i haven't even blogged about our glorious spring break...hope so!
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