Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About time to post...

Sorry I haven't been updating you guys with new blogs. I think Blogger is the worst bloggin' place there is...I cannot get used to their format.

Anyway, enough with excuses. I'll post some pictures of Andrew...he seems to be why you're here probably =)

This picture is of his first "chipote" or "boo-boo." Being raised in Mexico and prone to accidents, I remembered what my mom used to put on my bumped head--azucar con limon (sugar and lime). This was to prevent swelling, but to me it was a treat. I would lick my finger, rub it against the sugar and lick it off. I'm sure Andrew will do that some day... He was a sport about it too, he cried just a little and then was on his merry way.

This picture was taken not in Feb of 2008, but in 2009. Our camera had the wrong date...oops.
This was James Ross's truck and we decided to put Andrew in it to cruise around the house in. He liked it, until he started sliding down.

These next pics are of playtime with aunt Dawna and uncle James Ross...they love taking goofy pictures with Andrew and making him smile (he doesn't usually giggle out loud).

This is his first mohawk. I thought he looked so CUTE in this picture!!!

So far Andrew has learned how to sit up by himself at 5 1/2 months and started babbling shortly after. He still hasn't learned to crawl, even though his daddy desperately wants him to. He loves bathtime with daddy and his rubber duckies and likes to know what's going on at all times...
He does really good with walking and he eats anything like crazy! He has a Bumbo that his Nana Witty gave him and that's how he eats all his meals...

So there it is in a nutshell, our pride and joy is growing up and learning new things everyday. He still cries when I leave him with someone else and Moomie (my mom) calls him a Momma's Boy. He can be my Momma's Boy any day of the week. He is the cutest thing when he smiles and when he leans in and tries to give me a beso (kiss) with his mouth wide open... I couldn't ask for more!