Pre-Thanksgiving week

Hey!  If you're visiting for the Pinecone DIY, check out the new updated post here. Thanks for all your support! 

You guys, I love Pinterest. I have a Holiday board filled with lots of goody crafts for the boys.
These are so simple! We made them with hand-prints and construction paper. Came out cute, didn't they?
Well, it's here. The end of 2012. Well, almost.
It's only the week of Thanksgiving, guys. 
I think it's crazy this year is almost over. 40 days and it's gone.
The saying "Days are long, but years are short" rings SO true to me.
And honestly I don't want it to end.
I just want time to stop so I can spend eternity with my munchkins and my handsome man.
It would be so sweet. 
But HELLO. That's not gonna happen, so in the meantime, I have to keep them busy and make sure they learn to tie their shoes, wipe their own butts, pick their socks up, and be polite little-beings.
I've been teaching Andrew about how Thanksgiving came to be in school.
We made Indians and Pilgrims and told the tale of the early settlers. I tried explaining what it is to be thankful but I don't think he's truly caught on to what it actually means.
The library has provided something for us every week and I truly am grateful for them. The kids love it.
They love love love the handicapped button at the library doors. They run to see who's first to push it.
My little builder keeps busy everyday. Building robots and taller robots with swords and weapons.
And if one collapses, another one transforms magically from the same exact blocks.
We were building animals and he built an alligator--by himself. 
We don't craft everyday. Just once or twice a week.
I think it takes me longer to decide what to do with them actually.
A couple of days we went out for 'nature walks' and picked sticks up, got bit by fire ants, chased by dogs, and got pricked by our prickly pinecones. 
The boys don't like pinecones, by the way.
Our neighborhood is not walk-friendly I suppose. We don't live by the forest walk ways that the town next to us has. But we make the best of it and learn from each trip.
Well, I had to do something with the pinecones, didn't I? :)  
 Neatly painted by hand with acrylics, then tied around some ribbon and found a hoop!
They were prickly, but oh so pretty! Now, they're my favorite!

Check out the new pinecone diy here 

Our cats seem to be adjusting well together. I love that they're both waiting for us when we come through our door. However, when night falls, their nocturnal instincts kick in and hardly let us sleep. 
So we've begun to cage one of them a night. If they don't have each other, they don't run across our sleeping bodies at night and knock things down downstairs in the living room. Seriously, they're LOUD. 
This whole week has been full of sleepy heads. Not sure if it's the dropped temperatures that makes all of us keep snuggled under our blankets or if we've just been staying up too late. 
I have several blog posts in mind, just no time to actually produce them. 
I've been snapping away with my camera, thinking of holiday cards, list of family members, locations to snap a family pic at, Christmas shopping with budgeting involved, along with doing my daily wifey duties, school and giving into my creativeness {which is totally temperamental and I can hardly stand it}.
Can't wait to see my family finally! 


  1. I shared your pinecone door decor today in my Fall Door Decor post!

  2. Your pinecones are so adorable and they look amazing! Great Idea!


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