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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

mailing / making Love Notes

first of all....
since all of our family (save for a couple) live no where near us, sending things through mail has become quite a habit. I hope to continue doing it, because it really is fun receiving things in the mail. 
I made sure that Heart Day was a special day for our relatives hundreds of miles away. 
But the boys refused to cooperate with me while taking pictures...almost to the point where I just kinda gave up. If one refuses to do it, the other goes on strike too. I made do with peek-a-boos and blurry pictures. :)
Andrew made sure to stick a stamp on his envelope to his favorite aunt, Dawna. He loves her so. much.
The boys loved that momma made an arrow. They demanded more. 
they also loved that momma made monsters out of their hand-prints. 
I guess monsters was our theme this Valentine's. HA!
I asked Andrew to write his Nana's name on her card. So he made sure to make his a with a curly cue at the end....kinda like momma does on her letters. He made me so proud!!! 
And we also managed to practice patterns making with the alphabet stickers! Yay teacher!
The candy was for my lil' brother. I made to sure to remind him that he had to share. 
He's so stingy! ....just kidding buddy....
The pirate print-out I got from HERE


Monday, February 11, 2013

a {sickening} love montage - a Valentine's post

This is our story: How the New Witty's came to be.
Established 2002

...and here we go! 
2002 - High School me working at Pizza Hut
2002 - College Sophomore him working at Pizza Hut {wearing a Mr. Jim's Pizza t-shirt}. 
You can see how that smile just swept me off my feet. 
2002 - Meet my family in Dublin, TX
2002 - Spontaneous getaway weekend
2002 - Trip to Colorado with his family
2002 - the picture we each had when I went away for summers, Stephenville, TX
2002 - Local concert in Stephenville, TX
2003 - Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX
2003 - Moved to Orlando, Florida for my school
2003 - Orlando, FL House of Blues was our best friend!
2003 - Christmas back in Dublin, Tx {and pierced lip!}
2004 - Disneyland
2004 - Eating out at Chipotle in Orlando, Fl
2004 - Family Reunion, Granbury, TX. Moved back to Texas.
2005 - Night Life in Mazatlan, Mexico

2006 - Colorado

2006 - Edgefest {concert} - Dallas
2007 - Edgefest {concert}- Dallas

2007 - Deep Ellum {Dallas}
2007 - Date Night Dallas, TX
2007 - Engagement Picture, Dublin, TX
2007 - Husband & Wife in Comanche, TX!
2008 - Pregnant and Spring Break in San Antonio, TX
2008 - Andrew arrived via home birth, Dublin, TX
2009 - Fuzzy's Taco in Fort Worth, TX
2010 - Jonah arrived! Abilene, TX
2011 - Abilene, TX
2011 - Spontaneous road trip to NEW YORK CITY! 
Posts 1, 2, and 3 HERE! 
2011 - Halloween! Abilene, TX
2011 - Abilene, TX
2012 - Easter egg hunt in the dark in Dublin, TX
2012 - Photo booth in Dublin, TX

2012 - Date Night at the Gaylord in Grapevine, TX
And here we are. 
We were silly, immature, concert goers, spontaneous, dirt-poor, and crazy-like-a-pony-in-love kids. 
And look at us now. Responsible adults {and still madly and gushy in love most days}. 
Who woulda thought time passed by so quick? 
I hope I didn't make you gag too much. I really believe it's important to document relationships.
With your husband, friends, family, etc., just as long as it gets documented so that there's a memory of it!!! I kinda wanna do a separate post of our wedding!!! 

PS. See if you can count how many hairstyles/hair colors I have had! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

{sickening} Love Notes - a Valentine's post

Ever since I met the man, notes have been our gushy-mushy way of expressing our love to each other.
And we've kept it hidden from the world. After all, it is kinda silly.
But today, I bare it all. Well, not all....because that would make me blush. 
But I'll share these silly notes that we've written to one another ever since our dating days...

I present
You know how you start dating and all you can think about is that person? Every single thought consumes you about what you can do or give to make them smile and to make them feel more special than they already are.
And then you get married, have kids, lose yourself in life and you stop doing those little special things you once did to show the other person how much you loved them? In other words, you leave out the most important, romantic part of your relationship--not intentionally, but you forget. I'm not saying this always happens, but 99%* of the time, it does. 
So when I wake up all sleepy-head and I head to the bathroom, I see all these little post-it notes along the way, I smile and think of nothing except for two things: my heart was instantly melted. and I totally fell in love with this guy again. And he's not the romantic type, by any means. 
Walls, TV, door frames, doors, just random places one always looks at when they're walking the house. These notes are what made my day go from ordinarily boring to super-shy-crazy-in-love-i-hate-to-be-cliche-so-i-am-not-saying-awwww. And all because he took the time from his extremely early morning routine to write a hundred notes saying how much he loves me in a hundred ways. 
And not to be outdone by his father, Andrew wanted to get in on the Love note action
And maybe post-it notes may be too small for me, and I sometimes think BIG in correlation to how much I love him. So I decided to make his morning routine in front of the mirror, a much more exciting one with this: 
And the next morning, he wrote me this ^ {YOU ARE THE BOMB} 90's love, but it was still LOVE. 
And you know what? it totally made my day.
So sometimes it's cut-out hearts, sometimes it's post-it notes or plain notes, and sometimes it's just notes on the mirror. 
On our first dating anniversary, I made him a little book. I called it "A Toast to Us" and had a pages full of our 'story'. It was totally corny and he really didn't care for it {because he's a guy}, but I get all gushy-mushy over it just flipping through its pages. 
And have you guys ever seen on Pinterest how 'hip' it is to write notes and put them in your kids lunches? 
Well, I do that. But to my husband. A different note for every baggy full of snacks. Some most are inappropriate and some are just to let him know I love him. You're thinking oh kill me now, Lynet. But really, sometimes just a thoughtful or silly note to your man is all he needs to be reminded of your love for him. 
I keep all these little notes safely-guarded to remind myself of how we used to be. Of what we used to do for each other. I love them. And I hope to continue to accumulate more and more. 
{He did that ^ just for me} 
Happy Valentine's day!

*I made up read this statistic somewhere, just don't quote me on it.